And he who walks with a song on life – that will never be lost anywhere!

Multifunctional smartphones often replace users and a camera, and a tablet, and even a player. But music lovers have their own attitude and a certain requirement for sound. That’s why true music lovers prefer to carry MP3 players with them. What are the parameters for choosing a player for yourself?

Let’s list the main characteristics:

  • Memory.
  • Presence of a slot for a memory card.
  • Audio file playback formats.
  • Presence/absence of the display, touchscreen.
  • Play video files (if necessary).
  • Charging method.

Decide what is important for you in the media device, and then begin to choose. The best, reliable and high-quality mp3 players, popular at the end of 2016 – early 2017 – in our rating.

Apple iPod touch 5 32Gb

The most versatile mp3 player

Apple iPod touch 5 32GbThe world did not know a perfect player, which would please not only a good sound but also an excellent combination of functions. This device from Apple differs from the iPhone only one – you can not call it. And so, it contains a full set of skills – a 4-inch touchscreen, camera, video player, Internet (Wi-Fi), applications from Appstore and other “apple” lotions.

In general, this device can be called a smart player. It is unique in its kind. A clear advantage can be mentioned and a large number of accessories that are still available for iPod: various docking stations, DJ mixers, stereos and so on. In general, music lovers, enjoy the best of the best devices in the world!

The main advantages:

  • Multifunctionality.
  • Good sound.
  • A large number of original accessories.
  • Playing many audio and video formats.


  • No memory card slot.

Apple iPod shuffle 4 2Gb

Best compact mp3 player

Apple iPod shuffle 4 2Gb is the lightest, smallest and most compact mp-3 player for all occasions. Its weight is onlyApple iPod shuffle 4 2Gb 13 grams: absolutely weightless with a metal casing. Of the lightweight MP3 players, this is the best option. Yes, one more device from Apple in our rating, but it’s really a worthwhile thing.

Some users have problems with management, which the manufacturer advises to read carefully. In such a compact device there is even sorting on playlists. And the key lock is activated by long pressing the “Play” button. Everything is convenient and without unnecessary movements. Also, the player has a clip, which is very convenient when playing sports or just walking around the city.

The main advantages:

  • Clip.
  • Reliable metal housing.
  • Quality.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • The built-in battery holds the charge for a long time.


  • No memory expansion.
  • Original charging, which is expensive and difficult to find.

Sony NWZ-B183F

A small and compact player from Sony will provide you with good stereo sound and a long battery life. The device has an easy operation. It has a small screen on which the playing track is displayed. Another important parameter, according to which the player got into the rating, is a charging method. You can forget that the cord to the computer somewhere will be lost because USB for charging and moving play-lists is located directly on the player: you just need to remove the cap.

Sony NWZ-B183F

The main advantages:

  • Sound.
  • Design and dimensions.
  • Convenient control (screen, buttons).
  • Active mode – about 20 hours.
  • Metal housing.
  • Communication with the computer without wires.


  • Not enough memory (and no flash card slot).
  • Standard headphones.
  • Reads only MP3 and WMA.
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