Choosing a bass guitar for beginners – a difficult task, but solvable. And the main condition of this task is that the guitar should be liked. Like the sound, appearance, convenience of the game … An unsuccessfully purchased instrument, even if it seems to be good in performance, can kill the desire to attend bass guitar lessons on the offensive. Therefore, you should not buy a bass guitar blindly, relying only on tips from the Internet. In each music store you will be allowed to play on the instrument you like.

How to Choose a Bass Guitar for Beginners

So in this article you will not find instructions on the best bass guitars for beginners – we’ll just show you what to look for when choosing your first bass guitar.

What bass guitars are better for beginning guitarists?

As in a music school, a teacher will not give a small pupil a full-sized violin, so a beginner bass player should not immediately buy a doroguschey guitar for a couple of thousand dollars. The main advantage of the first tool should be the convenience of mastering. Therefore, if you are new to playing the guitar, you better buy a four-string bass guitar with a ladder paddle and a standard bezel. Let us explain the last sentence.


What is a four-string bass, it is clear from the title. This number of strings is considered standard, and the range of sound of the instrument is suitable for most bass parts. In addition, the four-string guitar is easier to master the tricks of the game.

Ladles are metal pads on the neck, to which the musician presses a string. Thanks to them, the instrument sounds brighter, louder, brighter. In addition, the musician does not have to memorize with the modes, in which place on the fingerboard is this or that note. Loose guitar is much more difficult to master, it requires more strength to press the strings, but allows you to use techniques that are inaccessible to bass guitars with frets (vibrato, glissando, play in uneven temperament and so on).

Mensura is the distance between the top and bottom of the guitar. It is equal to the length of that part of the uncompressed string, which vibrates when plucked. The longer the scale, the brighter the sound. But the distance between frets then too is more, and on such guitar it is more difficult to play. Therefore, beginner bass players prefer to choose a guitar with a standard bezel (34 inches) or even with a shortened (if the hand is small).

What to look for when choosing a bass guitar:

  1. check whether the tool has external damages, whether the controls, switches, or pins are loose;
  2. first remove the sound from the open strings, and then clamp them in different ways: the strings should not rattled, and the sound should be clean regardless of height;
  3. ask the seller to connect the guitar to the combo amplifier (but without effect pedals), pull the open string and listen for how long the note sounds (the duration of the sound is called sustain, and the more it is, the better);
  4. specify from the seller what the body of the guitar is made of: solid or glued wood (the guitars of the array have more sustain and more saturated sound);
  5. play the guitar, changing the settings with the tone control and the pickup switch, listen to the sound of the bass guitar: do you like the sound?

What to buy, in addition to bass guitar?

Together with the bass guitar, you should immediately buy some related products:

  • cover – we recommend to buy immediately, it will protect the guitar from temperature changes and mechanical damages;
  • The combo amplifier: without connecting to the amplifier, the guitar sounds quietly and indistinctly (but at first you can connect the bass guitar to the computer);
  • cords for connecting a guitar – you will need;
  • processor or effect pedals: processing a sound, adding an overload, reverberation and so on – at first it is not necessary;
  • belt – useful if you want to play standing up;
  • mediator – is cheap, and the ability to play bass and fingers, and a mediator, does not hurt (the mediator for bass guitars is stiffer, wider and thicker than the standard one).
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