I want to buy a good vacuum cleaner, but it is not clear how to choose the right equipment? Which option is better: bag, container or with aqua filter? Does it make sense to purchase a cleaner who washes the floor? Is it worth taking a “robot”? The article will help make a decision.

The article describes the types of vacuum cleaners and their features. You can also learn how to choose a home vacuum cleaner by the level of noise, which filters are there, and why the power with which it draws in dust is important. Here are the features of the nozzles that are included in the kit, and additions. All this will help choose the best cleaner and not lose.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner

Cleaning home - mother and child

Who cleans?

This is no longer a dream or a joke – in the absence of owners, vacuum cleaning robots are able to remove dust throughout the apartment.

Battery models travel through free territory until the dust collector is full or the batteries run out of power.

Artificial intelligence allows them to go around obstacles, do not fall from the steps and return to the base for recharging.

Such modern assistants are suitable for daily maintenance of cleanliness in the apartment, but are not suitable for general cleaning and are limited functionally.

Where do we collect dust?

The basis of all vacuum cleaners is one and the same principle: create a vacuum inside the appliance to draw dust and small debris into it. All models have a housing with an electric motor, a flexible hose and a suction tube, on which attachments for various types of cleaning are mounted.

Vacuum cleaners that we clean are divided into three large classes based on the design of the dust collector.

It is this criterion that must be considered first of all, since it determines both functionality and consumer qualities.

Vacuum cleaners with a bag for dust and litter – the oldest, proven over the years version of the design.

The collected waste is collected in a bag, which must then be either thrown away or emptied. In turn, this class is divided into models with a disposable or reusable bag.

As a rule, this division is conditional, since in many cases the use of two types of bags is allowed.

vacuum with a bag

Vacuum cleaners with a container (cyclone system) – engineering masterpieces that cause dust and debris to settle in a plastic container under the influence of centrifugal and centripetal forces.

After cleaning, the container must be emptied, which leads to contact with dust, however, in terms of the degree of contact, it is comparable to throwing a disposable bag rather than cleaning a reusable bag.

vacuum with a container

Vacuum cleaners with a reservoir for liquid (water filter). The role of the filter is water through which the dirty air passes.

As a rule, such models have enhanced functionality, for example, they allow cleaning floors, carpets and floor coverings, upholstered furniture (as well as mattresses and car interiors), and even windows (mirrors and stained glass windows).

vacuum with a water filter

Some models will help to clear clogged pipes or simply collect spilled liquid.

Modern vacuum cleaners can boast an abundance of nozzles that allow you to clean better and easier.

In addition to the universal brush, one or two slit nozzles (they are used to remove dust in hard-to-reach places, such as radiators for steam heating), nozzles for cleaning delicate fabrics, polished furniture, TV screens and monitors can be included in the package

To clean the hair, choose a model with a turbo brush, which is much more efficient in this task. In addition, it will be indispensable for pet owners.

For washing vacuum cleaners have their nozzles, designed for wet cleaning.

Some manufacturers tend to immediately equip the product with all possible (and some buyers – unnecessary) nozzles, others, on the contrary, offer a wide range of nozzles for the basic set for an additional fee.

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